How to improve a small space

Myfotowall has many challenging requests, but when a compact downstairs loo with a very suspect toilet seat came in for a makeove – we had our work cut out!

Our customer wanted to give the small room a sense of space and a focal point of interest, that would transform a very low key experience into a ‘wow!’ experience. The colour scheme was to come from the toilet seat and so the search was on to find an image that would meet the brief. Given the shallow distance of the facing wall, we immediately wanted to source an image that offered a depth of field. We also wanted to take advantage of an angle spot light in the ceiling, to further enhance the myfotowall feature.

The result was a simple but intriguing image, offering the depth of field we were looking for while complimenting the new spot light and creating a warm and cosy feel.

Our client was delighted!

We have now added this image to our myfotowall Gallery so others my take on the idea.


Article by Stephen Armitage | April 24, 2018