Top Tips For Creating Photo Wallpaper

Before rushing into decisions on your custom photo wallpaper it is important to consider the choice of your photos, image quality, positioning and more.

photo wall paper

How often do we go into a friend’s home and see the same items and designs that we have seen elsewhere? Mass production may be killing our individuality and making our lovely homes not feel as personal or unique to us. One way of avoiding this is by choosing to decorate with personalised photo wallpaper.


What Is Photo Wallpaper?

Photo wallpaper is a new trend in avoiding generic and let’s be honest, rather boring wallpaper designs littering the country. With this new method, we can choose from our favourite snaps to decorate our homes in the most personal of ways. The possibilities of photo wallpaper really are limitless!

As the options are so exhaustive, it may make thinking up your photo wallpaper a little challenging. If you have been considering this option already, there may even be things to consider that you have yet to realise. To help you out, we have put together our top tips!


Choice Of Photo

The biggest challenge of photo wallpaper is choosing the right photo or photos. Although wallpaper is no tattoo, you will be stuck with it for a while, so it is important to choose a photo that you absolutely love – one that you will enjoy feasting your eyes on every day.

Some popular choices guaranteed to keep you smiling are loved ones or favourite scenes such as waterfalls and rolling green hills. These may come from personal shots and your holiday albums.

Another important thing to consider is the room that you are decorating with photo wallpaper. Maybe it is not ideal to put really busy photos in areas where you wish to relax such as living spaces and bedrooms, similarly your parents-in-law may be a bit offended to see their faces in your lavatory.

Calming and outstanding views seem to be real winners in your private quarters as waking up to tropical beaches and jaw-dropping sunrises seem to be a perfect combination of wow and tranquillity.


Image Quality

One other thing to consider is the quality of your image. A grainy photo from the past may be dear to you but if placed on a large wall it may not look so appealing. More recent images work better, and an experienced provider will be able to advise you best on what will and what will not work well.


Wall Position

Also think about where you will place your image. Think about the layout of your home and how it will be displayed considering other furniture, room shape and how you move around your property.


Size Matters

The last consideration should be the size of your image. Do you want a full wall piece to fully immerse yourself in the outstanding nature or will a huge image of your loved one’s face be a little scary?


We hope these tips have helped! Custom wallpaper printing is on the rise and if you want to be part of it, MyFotoWall can help! Talk to us today to discuss your vision in detail.

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Article by Stephen Armitage | November 5, 2018