The Top 5 Wallpaper Ideas For Your Bedroom

From personalised photos to custom prints and everything in between, we have rounded up our favourite wallpaper ideas to choose from when decorating your bedroom.


Decorating your bedroom with some snazzy new wallpaper can be a bit more stressful than expected. How many rolls do I need? Will I do it myself or will I get a professional? Who is available and how do I pick someone? But one of the most important questions of all is: what wallpaper should I use?

To help you sift through the myriad of options, the patterns and colours sending your head in a spin, we have rounded up our favourite five wallpaper ideas to make your redecoration that little easier.


Personalised Photo Wallpaper

personalised printed wall paper

What could be more personal for such a personal space as your bedroom that your own photos. You can choose from your favourite holiday snaps to photos of your favourite scenery to make a tranquil relaxation area perfect for a bedroom. Wake up in the Sahara Desert or next to a waterfall every morning. With this option the possibilities really are endless. The process is very simple; all you will need to do is fill out some simple details and upload a photo with a designer then let them take care of the complicated stuff.


Simple Wallpaper

simple bespoke wall mural

Sometimes less is more. You may want to retreat from a hard day at the office by coming home and lying in a monotone wallpapered bedroom to erase your mind of the day’s stresses and challenges. Keeping things clear and simple may be the perfect way to enjoy your downtime. Not to mention that this option may also make your bedroom feel bigger.


Custom Wallpaper Printing

custom wall paper printing

Our third choice is a bit like the one we started with. However, unlike focusing on photos alone, you can choose from a wider selection of ways to get some custom wallpaper printing. Maybe you have a design in your head you wish to get on paper, or maybe you are an artist yourself and wish to get your masterpiece on the wall – in a different way!


Patterned Wallpaper

patterned wall paper

Patterned wallpaper does not always have to look overly busy. The best thing about this choice is the fact that there are so many patterns to choose from, there is bound to be something for even the most particular of us. A simple pattern can maintain a relaxing environment while also avoid an overly generic feel.


Mural Wallpaper

mural wall paper

Last but not least in our wallpaper ideas is our mural wallpapers. Recreate a Banksy of your own by adding some cool murals to your secret space. Mural wallpapers are still developing further, and you could also get yourself a 3D mural design too – to really stand out!


There you have it, our favourite wallpaper ideas to make your bedroom unique and stylish. If you liked today’s post, please share it with your fellow décor enthusiasts or friends and family with an upcoming redecorating venture. Also check back in with the home of personal and stylish wallpaper in the near future for more interesting discussions.

Article by Stephen Armitage | September 5, 2018