Top 5 Unique Wallpaper Designs You Can Replicate In Your Home

There are a number of new ways to design unique wallpaper to really stand out from the crowd including personalised photo wallpaper, mural and other bespoke designs.

Trying to get something unique is getting more and more difficult. If you do want a one-of-a-kind product, you normally have to pay unreasonable sums. That’s why antique dealers are rich. When it comes to custom wallpaper printing, this is not the case. It is possible to get unique wallpaper that sets your home apart from your neighbours and friends for reasonable prices.

Unique wallpaper is growing in popularity which has meant new and innovative ways of personalising your wallpaper is prevailing. Here, we have outlined five of the most creative ways you can use unique wallpaper to enhance your castle and make a house a home.


Family Photo Wallpaper

family wall paper

What could be more personal than spreading happy faces of your family across your walls? Family Photos provide designs you just won’t get sick of. Many people are choosing to use their favourite family photos to create unique wallpaper personal to them. From sun-kissed beach days like our example above to collages of different photos over the years, these designs could not be more individual.


Landscape Photo Wallpaper

landscape bespoke wall mural

Choosing personalised photo wallpaper to admire every day does not just mean choosing family snaps and portraits. You could also opt for calming scenery such as mountains and oceans to help you reminisce of your travelling days, weekend getaways and provide the perfect mood for your living space and bedroom. What could be more relaxing than a picturesque sunset as the background of a good novel before bed?


Mural Wallpaper

mural street art

Murals alike the one you see here can now be added to your wallpaper designs. Welcoming these fantastic pieces of art indoors can add a huge wow factor to your property. They will be the talk of your dinner parties and something to admire every day.


3D Mural Wallpaper

These mural designs have now got even better too! You can even add three-dimensional murals to your unique wallpaper to make them pop from the wall. They’re so realistic grandma might start bumping her head trying to walk into them.


Other Bespoke Designs

living room wall paper

The best thing about unique wallpaper designs is that their possibilities end at the end of your imagination and inspiration. Even the wildest ideas still work and the most unorthodox wall shapes and dimensions can still benefit. Just make sure you source a company that is committed to any bespoke challenge and turning your vision into reality.


Do You Want One?

If you have been taken back by the many possibilities in unique wallpaper designs, why not find out what our team can do for you! We are experienced in providing many different types of custom wallpaper printing and some of the examples in this post are our own work.

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Article by Stephen Armitage | October 20, 2018