Relive Those Treasured Memories With Personalised Photo Wallpaper


Personalised photo wallpaper is the best way of avoiding mass produced designs and adding some unique personal touches to your home to relive fond memories.

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When going back to your favourite beach holiday or mountain trip is all you can think about, why not bring some of them majestic views to you instead. Personalised photo wallpaper is a new trend that allows you to relive fond memories and personal moments every single day. Whether it be landscapes, family shots or symbolic destinations, any photo can be transformed into a permanent feature in your home that you can enjoy all year around.

When the world is being filled with the same old designs and products, personalised photo wallpaper provides a unique alternative. It lets you avoid an Andy Warhol-esk world of monotony and make your most personal spaces relevant to you.


How Does Personalised Photo Wallpaper Work?

To get your hands on some of this custom wallpaper printing, there are a number of steps you will need to take. First off, you will need to find yourself a reliable provider of this type of bespoke wallpaper and research their reviews and testimonies. One option is the MyFotoWall service which is seamless to use. Our amazing results have kept customers more than satisfied with their personal designs.

When choosing us, we follow an extremely simple 4-step process to make sure everything goes to plan. The first thing we need from you is the area size of your wall. We then need you to upload your treasured image. If you are unsure about your image quality, speak to us directly and we will be able to assess what will and will not work. This is especially important if you are choosing an older image.

Once you have the perfect memory, you can then choose how it fits on your specific wall and its dimensions. You can move it around to see how it works with your current furniture and flow of your home to get the most from it. Voilà, it is really that simple. We can then proceed to making your wallpaper.


Personalised Photo Wallpaper To Help You Reminisce

Photo wallpaper is all about you, so telling you what other people have done may seem a little against the grain or counterproductive. Yet, some popular ideas still prevail. Family photos are a great choice and you can even make a collage of your family’s growth over the years. From your kids as babies to their teenage years; your walls can help you relive some of the most enjoyable years of your life.

Another fantastic option is holiday photos. Whether they be family orientated snaps on the beach making sandcastles in the sun, or your own shots of unbelievable sunsets and nature, these will allow you to sit back and reminisce about blissful days of fun and peace.

Thanks for spending today’s discussion with us, we hope you found it informative and interesting. If you did, please share with your friends and family and check back into the home of bespoke wallpaper designs in the near future for more innovations and tips.

Article by Stephen Armitage | September 21, 2018