Personalised Wallpaper: A Growing Trend

By looking back and forward into wallpapering, we can see that personalised wallpaper has regained its place in the industry and is now surging in popularity.

bespoke printed wall paper

As the times move on, our taste in wallpaper, as well as what we can do with wallpaper is developing at rapid speed. Today’s post will be a little different. Instead of focusing on a particular wallpapering niche, we will take a look back at the wallpapering industry, look at where we stand today – including personalised wallpaper – and daydream of where things are heading.


The Past

Wallpapering is believed to have originated in China and was somewhat of an art form. An expression if you will. In this sense, it could be argued that the origins of wallpaper were in fact personal and it was our industrial and globalised world that transformed it into a standardised product. So, have we regained wallpaper’s original intension once again?


The Present

Today, we have expanded our techniques and services massively to be able to provide customers with bespoke wallpaper individual to them. Personalised wallpaper can come in many forms. We have the capabilities to include personal photos on our wallpaper, add artwork such as murals or even 3D murals and transform business spaces such as reception areas, hotel lobbies and sports arenas with vibrant images that pop.

In a time where having a unique recipe, an authentic antique and a one-of-a-kind experience is desired, bespoke wallpaper has not missed the train and is well on board with catering for our new way of living.

Just because we are making use of contemporary technology to upgrade our wallpaper does not mean we have to neglect our past and heritage. We can also create personalised wallpaper to celebrate our origins and how things used to be. One example is a fish and chip shop in Ashbourne who kitted out their dining area with some eye-catching and inspiring personalised photo wallpaper incorporating many local photos of the area.


The Future

Weren’t we supposed to be flying around on hoverboards by now? Some of us probably are. It is extremely difficult to predict where technological advancements will take the wallpapering industry next, but one thing is almost for certain. We will not be returning to standardised patterns and colours littering the country. Instead wallpaper is likely to get more and more unique and even more personal and customised.


Do You Want To Join The Trend?

It is clear that we have a growing trend of custom wallpaper printing which is fantastic news to those of us who are bored with facing he same replicated prints in cafes, restaurants, bars, and even homes. If you are thinking about getting in amongst the personalised wallpaper trend, then contact MyFotoWall to discuss an array of possibilities.

If you found our piece informative and interesting, please let your friends and family know about the home of personalised wallpaper and drop in on our blog again in the near future!

Article by Stephen Armitage | September 5, 2018