Expand Your Horizons With Custom Wallpaper Printing

If you are considering a redecoration, why not expand your horizons and choose some custom wallpaper printing instead of those boring mass-produced designs.

printed bespoke splash back

Are you about to redecorate part of your home?

Are you fed up with seeing friends and family with the same wallpaper?

Do you want a wallpaper design that nobody else will have?

Do you want it at an affordable price?


If you answered “Yes” to the questions above, today’s post is going to lift you off your seat and get you calling our professional team of unique wallpaper suppliers. But before you do that, get comfy, grab a brew, and let us tell you about custom wallpaper printing.


Why is Custom Wallpaper Printing So Popular?

The likes of personalised photo wallpaper, murals and other bespoke designs have all grown in popularity over the recent past. When we ask our happy customers why they think this is, they all tell us the same thing – they are sick of buying things they thought were quirky and unique and then end up seeing them everywhere!

For that reason, these satisfied customers chose to take matters into their own hands and expand their décor horizons. Wallpaper is unique because it is unlike other home décor. What we mean here is that it is something we can adapt to ourselves. Not many of us are skilled carpenters capable of making a custom piece of furniture or are ceramicists who can make one-of-a-kind ornaments and dinner sets.

Yet with wallpaper, and a little guidance from a reputable custom wallpaper printing firm, we can make personal and unique wallpaper than nobody else will have. Maybe it is time you stopped driving to your local wallpapering shop every few years and added some life to your home?


What Are The Other Benefits?

When choosing MyFotoWall to take on your project, not only will your custom wallpaper set your home apart from your neighbours and friends – and make them incredibly jealous! – there are some other little perks too, including:

  • We can make photos up to 16 times bigger on you wallpaper without losing quality
  • You do not need special wallpaper paste
  • We provide an installation guide if needed
  • Our paper can be wiped
  • Your design will not fade within 3 years


Are You Ready To Step Out Of Line?

If you like what you see and what you hear, maybe it is time you scroll back to the top of this short post to our first paragraph, so you can get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any of your queries, put your mind at ease and generally just have a chat about your vision.

Before you get scrolling though, we would like to thank you for visiting the home of custom wallpaper printing and we hope to see you scouring our blog again the near future. Also, please share our post with others and like us on Facebook or send us a tweet to tell us what you think!

Article by Stephen Armitage | August 5, 2018