Add A Touch Of Quirkiness To Your Room With Unusual Wallpapers

Your bedroom is your private chamber and a place for relaxation, so why not enhance it with some unusual wallpapers and personal quirkiness just for you.


One of the most popular rooms in the house for custom wallpaper printing is the bedroom. The bedroom is the perfect place to add some quirky designs for a number of reasons. Your bedroom is your private place for relaxation which also makes it the perfect place to let out your inner diva, explorer, hippie, train enthusiast, or whatever else that is trying to claw its way out, escape.

A fantastic way of letting your quirky side escape is through the visuals in your bedroom. For this, you no longer need wall hung pictures and such. Why not just add some unusual wallpaper to show yourself your edginess? It is a sad fact of life that we sometimes hide some of our personality so we “fit in” with the masses. In our most private quarters, we don’t need to hide any of personality no matter how quirky them traits may be – custom wallpaper printing in your room can be for your eyes only!


What Are The Unusual Wallpaper Possibilities?

How quirky you would like your unusual wallpaper design is completely up to you. Maybe you just want a small drop of quirkiness such as a funny photo or collage. These sorts of prints are popular and can be tailored to your personal memories that nobody else will have. You could even just use a photo of nature or a destination near to your heart.

bed 2

Or maybe you want to be completely quirky and have a 3D mural that pops out at you as you enter the room. Or even a montage of your favourite trains, sports stars/cars, celebrities or anything or anybody else – we don’t judge! The possibilities really are endless.


Unusual Wallpaper Makes For Unique Wallpaper

If you do decide to get some unusual wallpaper, not only will you be splashing your personality all over your bedroom walls, you will also be avoiding the endless aisles of standardised prints, patterns and colours. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure your local wallpaper store does some nice stuff, but is it that nice if Tom, Dick and Harry also have the same wallpaper?


Ready To Let Your Quirkiness Escape?

If you are ready to let your quirkiness escape using some personalised photo wallpaper, or in another custom way – one not even mentioned here – then we want to hear from you. We are readily available, and all our details and digits can be found here.

If you know someone who is about to redecorate their room, how about letting them know about MyFotoWall’s exceptional service so they can avoid that cream barcode design for another few years.

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Article by Stephen Armitage | August 20, 2018