What Are 3D Wall Murals?

Wallpaper murals just got better – you can now completely transform your home with exceptional 3D wall murals to mesmerize your guests and appreciate for many years!

 3d mural wall paper

Banksy has been blessing our streets with some thought-provoking and interesting art for many years. The undercover artist has been the king of intriguing murals. Well now, you can have a mural of your very own inside your home.

Not just that, you can now even have 3D wall murals inside your home to transform spaces into new worlds with new dimensions. This craze is really taking off and we thought we should put together a post, so you are in the know too.


What Is A Mural?

A mural is a type of artwork. Murals have always been associated with being on the outside of buildings and can be valuable for their aesthetic merit as well as their satirical messages. Often stencilled or made by graffiti artists, they are sometimes placed illegally.


Wallpaper Murals And Their Benefits

It is no surprise then that custom wallpaper printing has incorporated murals into their designs. When wanting to create something unique, it is made even more unique by taking something and putting it into a new environment – just ask Damien Hirst.

Wall murals in their wallpaper form are perfect for artistic-types who wish to welcome their favourite artist’s expression through their front door and WOW their guests with unusual but mesmerizing artwork. They are also great for children. They can be a great addition to children’s rooms and make their imagination blossom and play time a little more fun. Especially the 3D versions, but we will get to that.

One of the best things about choosing wallpaper murals is that it simultaneously lets you avoid monotonous prints that you see everywhere else. Nobody will be shouting: “We’ve got that wallpaper at home haven’t we Barry” at your next get together.


3D Wallpaper Murals

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what we are going to say next. Wallpaper murals have got even better recently. Instead of adding smaller two-dimensional prints to our walls, we can now add full-length-and-height 3D wall murals. Sometimes words aren’t good enough and this is one of them times. These murals can captivate their onlookers and make them believe there is another dimension behind the wall. Just try not to walk into it after a few too many drinks on Christmas Day.


Want A 3D Wallpaper Mural?

If you want one of these really cool artistic designs as part of your custom wallpaper printing, then speak to a professional and experienced bespoke wallpaper supplier today!

We also specialise in other custom designs, including the popular personalised photo wallpaper and much more. As ever, thank you for tuning into our blog today and we hope to see you again for another interesting discussion in the not-so-distant future.

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Article by Stephen Armitage | November 23, 2018